Sunday, January 31, 2010

Essays,Mentor & I

Date: January 27,2010
Time: 1.45 pm

- First meeting with my mentor: Mr. Muhamad Yusni bin Mohd.Jusof
- I'm in the same group with Tini.
- He asked us about our weaknesses, things that we are not sure of & explained how is the 'mentor mentee ' programme is being conducted.
- It is mainly about English(of course)-especially about our writing skills.
- He'll help us with our writing & of course, we have to write something...
he also mentioned that, he cannot 100% help us with the he said, if not, I'm the one la yg buat essay you all...& spontaneously i responded: ''baru nak bt mcm tu..''
(because...before he mentioned about it, I whispered to myself: "hmm..blh la mintak sir semakkan assignment LDEV" huhu)
- Our first essay that we submitted on that day entitled:
Poverty--> Discuss the effects of Poverty.
(His students (TESL A) said that we're so lucky to have him as our mentor....& of course, I'm glad to have him as MENTOR)

Date: January 28,2010
Time: 2.30 pm
-Once again, Tini & I walked to the "Bilik Ketua Jabatan Bahasa"
-There are 3 Tesl A students with us, sitting in front of Mr. Yusni with their corrected essays, listening to his explanation. (Tini & I just standing besides the others, waiting for our turn)
- He also suggested that it is good for us to take a look at Ain Aqilah's essay as our guidance.
-Then, it's our turn...
-When it came to my essay, I knew that he'll say something about my surface-level-discussion about the topic, & I'm 100% correct!
-He said that I've to elaborate more & think more critically (yes,sir!)
-He also suggested that we submit 3 essays per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Then, 5-10 minutes later, we said "Thank You, sir" & walked back to the hostel.

Date: January 28,2010
Time: -

-I didn't go to see Mr. Yusni (forgot to bring the essay to class)--> SORRY, SIR!
(hmm tomorrow is MONDAY...that means...I have to write an essay tonight!! better do it now!!)

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