Sunday, February 14, 2010

tlg la peka!!

alkisahnye, sblm balik cuti baru2 ni, aku n si dia g la main boling...3 games, n 1 won d 2nd game,even xteror pun, still, hari tu, strike n spare jd makanan aku..hehehe but then, my performance terjatuh gara2 semangatku untuk bermain tergugat oleh seorg lelaki!!

ha..jgn salah anggap..

ni sbb, lelaki itu dgn selambe dtg kat tmpt kitaorg main n ambik bola boling yg ngam ngn aku..selambe je..xde cakap ap2...tergamam aku dia time tu x perasan..

then, dengan senyum manisnye, si lelaki tu td pass bola tu kat awek die..adoi,,,skt jiwe tgk...rase mcm nk g kat diaorg n cakap, that's mine!haha even tu bkn aku hak persendirian aku kan, arghh..peduli ap..tu aku gne dlu, so, he can't take it just like that!!

geram btl la...

ni pesanan kpd kamu semua..xksh la bowling ke ap ke..please la jd peka sket...hormat hak org lain..jgn ikt ske hati je..

bt org lain skt hati, hdp xtng beb!!

ingt tu!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

red roses & woman

Give her two red roses, each with a note.

The first note says : "For the woman I love"
the second: "For my best friend"


Let me tell you this man, these notes, each of them implies special, precious message for a woman.


Because, she feels appreciated and needed by you.


Because she knows that she will not only be your lover, but she's also your best friend who you'll always seek for and share every and single thoughts of yours..


any objection?

Monday, February 8, 2010

aktiviti masa lapang di IPIP~



melompat-lompat keriangan

demi memanfaatkan masa lapang di IPIP..hehe

1) Senamrobik yang agak menarik dan mengeluarkan peluh

2) Gotong-royong membersihkan kawasan Kompleks Sri Siantan
(kompleks baru)

- Although there were lots of absentees, the presence of Teslians turned the hot, gloomy Saturday to chill, happening

-Plus, the small, greenish FROG, suddenly popped out and altered the whole situation
--> chaos!
(Pidot who is afraid of frog and even the small insects like the grasshoppers, trembled because of the creature!! haha)

Sweet Moments in Ipoh Parade~

"There's a miracle of Friendship
that dwells within
the heart
And YOU don't know how it happens
or where it gets its start...
But the happiness it brings YOU
always gives a special lift,
And you realize that
Is God's most perfect gift."
(dedicated to all my friends)

Spending some times with our friends is one of thousands ways to draw beautiful, precious memories or moments which being shared together.

(1)>> Snapping pictures in front of the laddies' mirrors (which Norma was reluctant to do it at first)

(2)>> Shopping till we drop (especially 'Miss EE' - paid RM20++ bill for the hot chocolate, mango juice, F&N strawberry drinks)

(3)>> Buying souvenirs for the beloved ones (Dayah bought a cute, flowery dress for her niece, Aisyah and I bought a belt for my dearest uncle- birthday present & a pair of musical heart and star for 'SHARPP07 & I' )

(4)>> Commenting and arguing and condemning on ones' choices (while choosing the belt, Miss EE's cloth, Nako's birthday present and dress for the niece- thanks to Miss EE and Norma for their brilliant idea)

--> these are the artistic tones that mesmerizing the plain canvas of that moment.

We laughed, made silly jokes and share various kind of stories- it's like we've knew each other for so long ..
(being together for almost 2 years under the IPIP's atmosphere- is it long enough?huhu)

The 7-hours-outing is SUPERB!!

Thanks to Nuoma Nuomi, Didi Zaid and Miss EE!!
Thanks for the sweet moments!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

ღIt's her birthday TODAY..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!ღ

This special birthday greeting
is being sent to your way,
Because you’re very special
in your own ways,
Hope your Birthday holds in store,
Happy hours that overflow
with all you’re wishing for,
And hope the days that follow it,
Make up a year that brings
everything that you deserve:
A million happy things.

P/S: Happy Birthday to you,
dear roomate yg ngade hehe

Thursday, February 4, 2010

::ღ::Something to motivate myself::ღ::

" You are NOT a failure!
A failure is someone who does not try.
When you try, you may NOT hit the target,

at least you gave it your every effort
and now have the opportunity to try again.
That is what TRUE SUCCESS is."
Copyright © 2010 Gilbert De Marco

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ღAlkisah 3 Orang Sahabatღ

Tersebutlah kisah 3 orang sahabat yang begitu asyik berbalas-balas 'comment' di 'Facebook'.

Sahabat Pertama digelar Dagu, Sahabat Kedua dikenali sebagai Peng, manakala Sahabat Ketiga dipanggil Ling. (saje buat short form, word tu sensitif hehe)

Si Dagu dan Si Peng bertukar-tukar mitos dan gosip yang kebenarannya tidak dapat dibuktikan mengenai Si Ling...

Kemunculan Si Ling selepas beberapa ketika mereka berdua berbalas 'comment' menghangatkan lagi suasana di 'wall' Si Ling.hehe

Walaupun bahasa mereka kedengaran agak kasar, mungkin itu cara mereka untuk bergurau senda dan berjenaka sesama mereka..Antara mereka bagaikan tiada dendam tersimpan biarpun kadang-kala, jenaka mereka itu menyentuh soal perwatakan, gaya mereka yang tersendiri...Mungkin keakraban yang terbina setelah 5 tahun tinggal di bawah satu atmosfera - where excellence is created-membuatkan mereka lali dengan setiap lawak dan jenaka yang sedemikian..

Semoga keakraban mereka itu terus kekal selamanya..hehehe

P/S: kepada mereka yang terase diri terlibat, ampun dan maaf dipinta...hehe sje je nak coretkan pasal kalian yang macam2 kerenah tu..huhu bak kate si dagu, sje je gurau..huhu sebarang comment sy terima...hehe tp, mind your language k..huhu

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

ღHe's Just Not That Into Youღ

"He's Just Not That Into You"

It is a very touching to watch this 5 in 1 love tales...A group of interconnected men and women who navigate their various relationships from the shallow end of the dating pool through the deep, murky water of married life, trying to read the signs of the opposite sex.

Gigi just want a man who says he'll call and does, while Alex advises her to stop sitting by the phone. Both of them met coincidentally when Gigi came to Alex's bar to look for a man, named Conor, who promised to call her after their short date.

Janine is not sure if she can trust her husband, Ben, who can't quite trust himself around Anna (who he claimed hot, beautiful etc). He at last admits that he slept with Anna & Janine tries so hard to just ignore everything. However, when Janine reveals the truth that Ben is still smoking & lied to her, she left her husband, Ben, with a note: " I want a divorce"...

Anna, the hot stuff, cannot decide between the sexy married guy, Ben or her straight-forward, no-sparks standby, Conor, who cannot accept the fact that he actually will never have her in his life. At last, she only has broken heart to be her companion.

Mary (Anna's bestfriend), who found networks of loving and supportive men, just need to find one
who truly loves her.... AND she ended up with Conor.

The last couple, Beth and Neil. Beth wonders if she could call it off after years of committed singlehood with her boyfriend, Neil. On the other hand, Neil thinks that there is not a single thing wrong with their unmarried life. However, at some point, Beth cannot stand the pressure of being mocked for being an unmarried woman, while her younger sisters are all married- she decided to break up with Neil as he still refuse to marry her. It is only his father who will always at her side. She only realise that marriage cannot guarantee happiness as her in-laws are all lazy, dependent men. The only person who comes out to help her with the chores is Neil. He helps her to buy the food, wash the dishes, etc, while she's busy looking after her father. At last, Neil changes his mind and proposes her~

P/S: I admire Beth & Neil's love story cause they actually have a very strong and passionate feeling towards one another. Neil is thousands times better than Ben. I hate Ben for being such a nuisance, & I hate Anna the most as she knew that Ben is already married, but, still, she seduces him... hmmm whatever it is, it needs two to tango rite? Big X for both BEN & ANNA ! hehe

4.5 * from me!!


Fated to be the
(but we gave it up coz wanna give the chance to the other teams)

Unbelievable skills
(of course....with Nako's shoe flew away, I aimed the ball high & kicked it but unfortunately, it hit Charo's stomach! I'm so sorry, dear~)

Try harder next time
(maybe we can form a team & play futsal in Warwick hehehe)

Surrender is absolutely NOT us!
(we kept on playing even though we didn't practice-
actually we don't even know how to play futsal!!! haha)

A goal~

(the one & only goal.....THANKS to CR's sweetheart, Miss Najmi Akmal..)

Lots of fun~
(Having lots of fun coz most of the time we're laughing at our 'talented' skills while playing futsal haha)