Sunday, April 25, 2010

unplanned outing~

Welcome to Kellies Castle

Visiting Time: Everyday (9am to 6pm)
Ticket Price: Foreign Tourist - RM 5

lts - RM 4
Students/Children - RM3

Kellie's Castle in Batu Gajah

Kellies Castle, (or Kelly's Castle as it is sometimes wrongly spelled) some kilometers out of Batu Gajah, Ipoh is a great tourist attraction. And the story about the castle is as impressive as the castle itself.

There have been many myths or legends or rumors spreading around about the mysterious castle.

(the corridors)

Some say that the Smith's spirit still wandering inside the castle, especially along the corridors, guarding his great mansion.

And that's why much of the structure still intact after so many years.

Some say there are lots of "spirits" wandering around the castle since workers died during the construction and people died during the 2nd world war.

(a bear hugging a tree)

The latest discovery of this place is the tree that grows to resemble "a bear hugging a tree" at the compound of the castle.

View around Kellies Castle from the top of the castle

Special thanks to Mr. Sweetheart for this unplanned outing~

It's hope that the authorities will take a good care of this place since there are words carved by the visitors on the wall of this castle.

akan kukenang sampai ke tua~

haha ni skali lg pasal org yg x bertamadun tu, pas insiden baling batu (yg sebenarnye half-eaten mango), rupenye, ditakdirkan untuk kami bertembung + bertempur secara beramai2 untuk kesekian kalinye pada hari yg same, waktu yg berbeza...hahaha kali ni pasal bola...

lawak gile..
bnyk sebenarnye watak2 yg perlu dimasukkan untuk menjamin kelangsungan cite lawak + menggemparkan ni...
watak penting:
tua mafia

watak kedua penting:
-->pen. ketua mafia

watak x penti
ng tp kene masuk:
-->org yg x luas perbendaharaan kata
(coz asyk sebut bola,bola,bola,bola,bola...) hahahaha

watak sampingan tp penting:
-->konco2 mafia

pasal bola tu, kitaorg pinjam ngn boys coz tetibe rase nk riadah main futsal.. (bkn la reti pun, it's juz for fun)

tp, malangnye, ad makhluk ni nk bola...coz dikatakan kami juz nk pinjam sampai kol 6 shja.. excuse me!
fyi, xde pun agreement mcm tu k...adoyai..

maka terjadi la pertelingkahan...mmg sgt2 la kitaorg tau, ktorg x berhak ke atas bola tu,
tp, sbgai bangsa Malaysia yg berhemah tinggi,
mintak la bola tu elok2... ni x..
sampai je kat kitaorg:
"bola, bola, bak sini bola.bola,bola!!"

ha, x ke terase mcm panas hati, dh dgn muke kelat mintak bola, then buat ktorg ni mcm xde telinga, hati n perasaan..

pen. ketua mafia, xnk serahkan bola tu...
ketua mafia, mmg dh siap menghunuskan umbrella die dh ke muke org tu...

hahaha gerun weh tgk ketua...
then org yg x luas perbendaharaan kata a.k.a org x bertamadun baling batu buat rhetorical question plak, tanye kitaorg nk main ke bola tu..
konco mafia yg merangkap s/u mafia menjawab:
"xdelah, ktorg nk buat sup. nk potong kecik2, MAKAN!!"

terdiam org yg x luas perbendaharaan kata + org x bertamadun tu
then, ketua mafia tanye:
"ko e yg baling batu td??"
(sambil umbrella dihunuskan ke muke org yg berkenaan)

ha, skali lg terdiam..

ntahla, at last, mende tu berlalu mcm tu, tp, kemarahan ketua mafia mmg sgt2 tidak cool down...
mende ni dr x kecoh sgt, jd kecoh gak la...

n sampai hari ni, membe2 aku yg bkn bdk maktab yg tau cite, still tanye,
"kene ap2 lg ke"
hehehe syg gak korang kat aku ek?
thanks la kawan2..
(nur syuhadah, shantini,tina, pyan sukasuka, anip dagu, lokman hakim, amenuddin fahmie,hanx hamid, kai kage x)

tp, best la gak, melalui incident ni,
bnyk mende aku blajar...

dalam hidup ni, mcm2 org yg kite akan jumpe... org gile+ x bertamadun, kawan2 yg sentiasa ada suka dan duka, kawan yg name je kawan, kawan yg x berape nk rupe kawan n mcm2 la..

HIDUP--> banyak dugaan~

Sunday, April 18, 2010

__̴ı̴̴̡̡̡ ̡͌l̡̡̡ ̡͌l̡*̡̡ ̴̡ı̴̴̡ ̡̡͡ "miss you" in FB ̴̡ı̴̴̡ ̡̡͡ ̴̡ı̴̡̡ ̡͌l̡̡̡̡.__

Day: Wednesday
Date: April 14, 2010
Time: 09.10 pm
Msg: i miss you~

From: my dear bestie -Nur Syuhadah bt Ernan-

It's like a magic..
The moment when I whispered to my heart saying I miss you,
your message popped out on my wall...
I was so excited+ happy upon knowing that we're sharing the same feeling!!
(perhaps, this is what we called the magic of friendship)
Yeah, you're a best, great friend to me..
Thanks for always be there for me...

You see right through my pretenses,
You look right through my mask, You know just when I need a hug,
You show up when I'm lonely,
You cheer me up when I'm sad, You catch me up when I fall...

Thousands of reasons,
may not be enough to describe how dear you are to me,
cause you and your friendship are the pie
ces that made me;

Seriously, I miss you damn much!!
I wish I could spend at least a moment with you~
(gossiping, eating, fooling around etc...)
Right now, our sweet, sad memories are flashing back in my mind & omg!!
your hilarious laugh hit my eardrum!!
ouch!ouch! it's hurt!! *wink!wink!
-miss u dear-


Day: Thursday
Date: April 15, 2010
Time: 05.22 p
From: my sweet, GENEROUS cousin -Huda bt Jamaluddin-

dear sweet, lovely cousin
you know what, I can't wait to go back home,
cause i know, many fantastic, superb plans are
for me + you + along + ila..
& you know what, going out with you and the other two cousins;
(along ngade + ila comel)
is really fascinating!!
I believe & sure that:
1) You'll buy me a pair of NOSE stiletto & F.O.S accessories
2) Along will treat me a splendid lunch + tea (pizza & kfc, please!)
3) Ila will be the camera woman who'll snap MY pictures ONLY!!

How's that sounds? GREAT, right?
this makes me LOVE you more, more & more!
I'm dying to hang out with you~ (^_^)
wait for me, okay?!!
-miss you babe-

Day: Thursday
Date: April 15, 2010
Time: 10.18 pm
te exterNo mucho :(
From: my lil bro -Muhammad Nur Hisyamuddeen bin Mohammad-

huhu miss me hah, naughty lil bro?
lil bro? nope2, you're tall enough now to not be called 'lil bro'..
but, for me, forever & always: you'll be my naughty lil bro~
(please, take a note of it!!)

even though we siblings sometimes have thousands of clashes,
still, my love for u.. & our younger brothers & sister, will never change~

cause, whatever it is, like what ayah used to say:
"we're always family"

so..just wanna you to know:
"te exterNo mucho" too

miss u all damn much!!

pesanan penaja kpd mereka yg x b'tamadun~


kpd: si pembaling batu
drpd: mangsa baling batu

ha, nk habaq sat, main baling2 batu ni, dh L.A.P.O.K dh...

anda sebagai salah sorg inhabitant kat satu tempat bernama institut pendidikan ni, xlayak dh nk jd mcm bdk2 kecik yg hobinye baling2 batu kat org...xtaula kot TERBALING ke TERSALAH baling ke ap kan, tp, nasib la, sape suruh kene aku kan...aiyo...berasap...kitaorg ramai td...stakat korg bertiga n sorg awek, xde ap la beb!!

membe2 aku dh ajak bawak kayu n beradap td..hardcore gile!!
haha chibby n tia,
i love u more la..hehehehe

kpd si pembaling, anda agak bertuah + bernasib baik coz sy sudah kenyang makan nasi lemak sndiri n habiskan nasi azil, kalau x...ha, mmg anda la yg jd habuan sy..huhu kenyang 1 hari 1 malam la jwbnye...

so, harapnye, xde la org2 mcm ni dh...nasib baik kne jerit je td kan, if penumbuk ke ap singgah kat muke, hehehe tau la...jd pandang rendah pd seseorg bernama


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

so sorry~

my dear friend, JANNAH R0SLAN~

-From d bottom of my heart, I'm truly sorry...mlm tu bz bt assgnment...
& kebetulan broadband xblh nk connect....
-Sorry bru org online...

Friday, April 2, 2010

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷTESL FamilyƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

It is impossible for you to be angry and laugh at the same time. Anger and laughter are mutually exclusive and you have the power to choose either.

Wayne Dyer

These pictures put a (s)(m)(i)(l)(e) and even
(l)(a)(u)(g)(h)(t)(e)(r) on my face.. (^ _ ^)

Credits to:
1) [w][a][n][i][e][y] [s][i] [j][a][m] [m][e][r][a][h]
2) [a][z][i][l] [s][i] [c][a][t] [l][o][v][e][r]

(this is how it works!Credits are given to the right people!)

Love you guys so much!! Thanks for every thing!!

Go away!!

Pissed off, mad, angry, hatred etc,
made my day today..

I don't think that I can just ignore it!

It's too much! You think high & mighty of yourself!

You think that you're the best among others??

& because of that, you can simply smash your every single thought straight to others' face??

You know what dude??

You're 10000000000% W.R.O.N.G!!

One more thing, I'll never forget whatever you once said about me, in the class, in front of the lecturer and friends...

I'll never forget...& you know what,

whatever it is, I'll prove that you're wrong!

You don't know who I am,

so, please, don't simply point out whatever you want to my face!!

Cause you'll never know what I am capable of!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


dear white, animated, can walk - card,

i need [y][o][u][r] [h][e][l][p] to deliver

this message to:

1) [m][y] [m][o][t][h][e][r] & [f][a][t][h][e][r]

2) [m][y] [8] [s][i][b][l][i][n][g][s]
last but not least
3) [m][y] [d][e][a][r][e][s][t] [s][w][e][e][t][h][e][a][r][t]

& one more thing, tell them that:

{I} {M}{I}{S}{S} {T}{H}{E}{M} {S}{O} {M}{U}{C}{H}!!

{m}{y} {h}{e}{r}{o}


~ [m][y] & [h][i][s] [f][a][v][o][u][r][i][t][e] ~

thanks to u:

- I can enjoy watching hundreds of this series!-

Ichigo's determination drives me crazy as he'll never give up in whatever he's doing..
[i][t] [m][e][l][t][s] [m][y] [h][e][a][r][t]
to watch him fighting to the last!!

he's also protective towards his beloved ones... :)
[l][o][v][e] [i][t]

his strength, skills are AMAZING!
even though he's just an animated anime, still, I admire him so much!!
always hope that he's a
& not a

whatever it is, I already have

(^ _^)