Friday, April 2, 2010

Go away!!

Pissed off, mad, angry, hatred etc,
made my day today..

I don't think that I can just ignore it!

It's too much! You think high & mighty of yourself!

You think that you're the best among others??

& because of that, you can simply smash your every single thought straight to others' face??

You know what dude??

You're 10000000000% W.R.O.N.G!!

One more thing, I'll never forget whatever you once said about me, in the class, in front of the lecturer and friends...

I'll never forget...& you know what,

whatever it is, I'll prove that you're wrong!

You don't know who I am,

so, please, don't simply point out whatever you want to my face!!

Cause you'll never know what I am capable of!!


  1. sabar sebahagian iman..=)
    rindu husna mohammad~

  2. insyaAllah...
    tp, tula, imanku yg senipis bawang ni, kdg2 xdapat nk menahan kemarahan...
    ad gak yg nk rndu kat org kan..
    rindu shida jugak~