Thursday, April 1, 2010

{m}{y} {h}{e}{r}{o}


~ [m][y] & [h][i][s] [f][a][v][o][u][r][i][t][e] ~

thanks to u:

- I can enjoy watching hundreds of this series!-

Ichigo's determination drives me crazy as he'll never give up in whatever he's doing..
[i][t] [m][e][l][t][s] [m][y] [h][e][a][r][t]
to watch him fighting to the last!!

he's also protective towards his beloved ones... :)
[l][o][v][e] [i][t]

his strength, skills are AMAZING!
even though he's just an animated anime, still, I admire him so much!!
always hope that he's a
& not a

whatever it is, I already have

(^ _^)