Sunday, April 25, 2010

unplanned outing~

Welcome to Kellies Castle

Visiting Time: Everyday (9am to 6pm)
Ticket Price: Foreign Tourist - RM 5

lts - RM 4
Students/Children - RM3

Kellie's Castle in Batu Gajah

Kellies Castle, (or Kelly's Castle as it is sometimes wrongly spelled) some kilometers out of Batu Gajah, Ipoh is a great tourist attraction. And the story about the castle is as impressive as the castle itself.

There have been many myths or legends or rumors spreading around about the mysterious castle.

(the corridors)

Some say that the Smith's spirit still wandering inside the castle, especially along the corridors, guarding his great mansion.

And that's why much of the structure still intact after so many years.

Some say there are lots of "spirits" wandering around the castle since workers died during the construction and people died during the 2nd world war.

(a bear hugging a tree)

The latest discovery of this place is the tree that grows to resemble "a bear hugging a tree" at the compound of the castle.

View around Kellies Castle from the top of the castle

Special thanks to Mr. Sweetheart for this unplanned outing~

It's hope that the authorities will take a good care of this place since there are words carved by the visitors on the wall of this castle.


  1. ok..mmg betola kamu ngn budak pekan tu..cakap kawan..hehe..praktis g tmpat2 yg bgus b4 fly..

  2. hehehe
    btl la...kwn la kan...
    mane ad...kalau nk g tmpt org, kne knl tmpt kite sndri dulu kan..