Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ღ::4-beloved siblings::ღ

Dear siblings, just want to let all of you know that:
Yes, it's undeniable that
we fight a lot, we quarrel over tiny matter;
but, REMEMBER this,
we are always a F.A.M.I.L.Y,
who needs each other :)

Firstly, to my dear future-lawyer-brother,
you know what, most of the time,
I treat you like you are
not big enough to take a good care of yourself,
as for me, forever and always
you are my lil brother
(can't believe my eyes to see you are much taller than me now)
But, believe me my dear brother,
I do have my utmost faith for you
that one day, you'll make us so proud of you
(it's not that we are not proud of you, just i believe, you'll make us prouder than before!)
So, go for it!
& one more thing,
I Love You so much!

Next, is my tough-future-pilot brother...
One thing that impressed me is
your independence attitude in you - yes,
you are too independent that few years ago,
back in school,
I couldn't recognize my own brother from far..
(and forever, I can't forgive myself for that)

dear brother, I really hope that you'll always be
blessed by Allah and be strong
in order to go through complicated, scandalous things
which trying their very hard
to block your path..
Study hard!

You need to improve yourself...& make us proud!
L.O.V.E YOU so much! :)
p/s: don't draw any more scar on your skin while you are playing rugby, please~

ohoho...ikan bakar!(his irritating trademark)
hehe this is my only brother
who can easily irritate me..
hehe his facial expression
may give me high blood pressure!
but, when it comes to
gymnastic (has flexible body-quoted from a doctor),
'loyar buruk' and traditional dance
as well as playing with the small ones,
yeah, you can count on him - a lot!
whatever it is bro,
S.T.U.D.Y - most important thing..
if you want to play squash or football,
yes, no worries, you may, but, study must come first!
WARNING:- don't make a surprise
for us to see your posted-result..(it's scary!)
+ take a good care of yourself!

my one and only sister,
okay, this year is your UPSR,
although I know you always score flying-colours-result,
please be extra careful..
and don't ever dare to do careless mistakes..
one more thing,
thanks for being such
a helpful, caring and understanding sister..

even though you are only twelve,
but, you're matured enough
to understand everything about
me-your complicated-fussy sister :)
love you so much!
however, dear sister, don't always act like
you don't care about others as sometimes,
friends may help you a lot - i mean,
TRUE FRIENDS may help you a lot :)
GOOD LUCK & Do your very best!!

my dear lil brother,
take a good care of your health please..
don't play the bicycle under the hot blazing noon sun,
oh no! you may get fever, just like these past 3 days..
plus, i don't want to experience that scary experience again
while I was accompanying you alone..
one more thing, maintain your 5A's result,
so that, I may sacrifice my other 50 note for you..huhu
okay, love you!

Oh, baby! hehe
(even though he has a lil brother after him, we still call him - baby!)
May your dream to have your own mini bike will come true..
don't worry dear,
if you are chosen for this becoming October competition,
I bet, ayah will buy one for you..
& you can save your saving!
but, please, take care,
and don't repeat the history of crashing the divider again!
p/s: love to see your spirit to learn new things and your fast understanding about everything around you - especially Math and Science~
love you, baby!

okay, now, move on to my 'banyak menjawab' lil bro (wearing songkok),
1) pay your full attention to your STUDY 2) playing football with your friends is great, but, if that is your first rank in your list, I'll smack you down!! *extreme~
you know what,
it is not that you are NOT clever,
but, you're L-A-Z-Y!
so, whatever it is, please,
overcome the laziness in you so that
you'll excel in whatever you do!
p/s: love to see you in the television when you're dancing 'PELANDUK'
- can see your BURNING SPIRIT! hehehe
love ya!
last but not least, Wan ku sayang!
hehe he's so brutal..huhu
he is not scared of others
and don't be surprise if out from no where,
a punch hit your face!
hehe I've experienced it &...it's "N-I-C-E"!
he also love small kids -
yeah, he too is a small kid, but, yeah,
he loves babies so much!
& everyone in the house will miss him
when we are far away from him!
love you!
(my sweetheart can tackle his heart so much that he'll include my sweetheart in his daily dialogue & will never excluded him to be one of his 'gang')


  1. uih, ramainye adik-beradik...

  2. alhamdulillah..tu yg jd meriah tu..

  3. my sweetheart can tackle his heart so much?
    c d leg lah~

  4. hehehe
    perasan lak tu die... :P
    mmg ske perasan e pg2 ni?

  5. mmg ske pun...
    blajar dri awk jugak

  6. amboi2..bukan main ek...

  7. hehhehe
    salah ke?

  8. eh2, xdelah..
    betol je semenye..