Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I am not so sure from where this dream came however, it has successfully cherished my last night sleep..(maybe because I miss him so much!)I dreamt of meeting my sweetheart in Perak...& guess what, in that dream, I walked slowly into his university's compound, lying to the guards there by saying I'm an UITM student.This is the dialogue :
Guard : Where's your matrix card?
Blissfulheart : I left it in my room, erm, could you please wait for a minute...I've asked my roomate to get it for me..(it's actually a trick to delay the time as my sweetheart messaged me saying that he's on his way to pick me up)
Suddenly, guess what, IT'S RAINING!!hehehe and..
the guard said: Ha, don't have to wait here, just go!but don't do it again!

What can I say!
However, it surprised me to see him driving this car - a black MyVi...question like: "Where's his beloved red kancil?" forced my mind to think of the answer...ahh..whatever car it was, I can remember that, I am so happy to see him...we went out and spent most of the time together :)

so, Miss (D)(r)(e)(a)(m)..thanks for drawing a smile on my face when I woke up on that day...i'm so happy to be able to meet my sweetheart and spend most of the time with him...yeah, even though it's just a dream, i can feel that lots of happiness-flowers blossom in my missing-him-heart...thanks a lot, Miss (D)(r)(e)(a)(m) as your presence has made the whole day to be coloured with happiness and smile :)


  1. miss you too!
    can't wait nak balik pahang jumpa awk..
    tggu sy tau
    & ilysm!

  2. org yang x dikenali comment lak..
    sape rindu die xtau..hehehe
    p la tdo tu..lewat sgt2 dh ni..

    -don't worry,org tggu you too! :)