Thursday, July 22, 2010

:s:m:i:l:e:.....please :)

"Peace begins with a smile"
:Mother Teresa
-->, come on!

you only have two(2) options here:
1) to use your 17 muscles to S.M.I.L.E
2) to use your 43 muscles to f.r.o.w.n

#warning: If you choose option 2 and you still can't enjoy the precious moment named 'sleeping', I'll PUNCH your face that one day you'll never be able to smile again..haha

p/s: one more thing, Martin Charnin told me this:
"You're never fully dressed WITHOUT a smile"
huhu so...think of it~


  1. aww...hahaha..daymn youuu XD wey! maluuu wey! ya Allah..maluu gler!!.. no need fer this laa.. zOMG! haha..

  2. hahaha..thank youu unaa! yer my best friend ever! Im speechless right now..maybe when i got my words back into my mine..i'll express everything..hahaha..again, thank so touched and really appreciate it aloadz!..more than you can imagine.. thankkkk yooouuuu :]

  3. shyguythatithoughtyoudyknow: malu2 kucing guy, hehehe need to mention it la..hehehe it's just a small effort kind of thing that I wish it may help you to overcome your can't smile problem..hehehehe glad that I made you speechless ;P