Wednesday, July 21, 2010

tagged by my dear roomate: Nako Abdullah

(maybe miss nako ni kesian and nk ambik hati aku je ni..hehehe)

So here are the rules
before the award is finally mine:

1. Thank & link the person who gave you the award.
Thanks sweetie: Nako Abdullah ^^

2. Pass this award to bloggers you have just recently discovered and think they are fantastic:
sis ross yg best
sarina-si power ranger colour pink
kak hanis yg comel
rebecca yg stylo
pajiela yg bz sokmo
ueda chef terkemuka
erna adik alang
fatin yg suke baby

3. Contact them on Blogs and let them know they have won the award:
D.O.N.E !

4. State 7 things about yourself:
-very restless and curious and have the urge to know how things work
-love to read (novel, pamphlets- named it!)
-h.a.t.e liar and back-stabber - back-off!
-have 9 siblings and i'm the eldest :)
-chocoholic (cadbury, hershey's, snickers etc)
-hoping to get a bouquet of BLUE ROSES from him ^^
-120km/h is my choice when driving-cool! (&i'm influenced by Y.O.U.)


  1. Thanks Husna~

    baru tau awak ade 9 adek beradik. Hehehe~ Cikgu Muhammad memang nak jadi coach untuk team bola sepak rupanya. Hehehe~

    Rindu laksa pahang mak awak~

  2. hehehehe my pleasure :)

    akak jgn xtau, dpn umah tu siap ad gol seme..hehe

    lg 1, mak cakap, kalau nk datang pekan, bgtau la..boleh bt laksa pahang..hehehe :)