Friday, October 15, 2010

Once again..Thanks to Fire Drill !!

Oh my dear friends,


If you ever ask me about my one-minute-pleasant dream last night, I'll just shut my mouth up!

If you ever brag how nice you spent your time on the bed last night, I'll make sure that my dark, mysterious eyes will look and stare frighteningly at you!

If you ever laugh at me how I shivered last night and this morning, I'll seal your bubbly, foamy mouth! *evil

AND last but least,

If once again, my body is refrigerated or frosted or whatever it it, just name it (related to suffering coldness,) I'll switch off the smoke sensor at once!!

because I don't want to end up being like this:

(huhuhu turun berselimut dan berkaki ayam!!)

P/s: Thanks Fire Drill, because of you, all of us, the homo sapiens live in Rootes had an awful nightmare and woke up early this morning!!


  1. hahahha...y wani lagi teruk..keluar ngan towel jah..latihan fire drill ke ade terbau smoke nih..

  2. hehehe nasib baik xde lg yg kuar mcm tu..hehehe

    ni, tula, berturut2..huhuhu

    mengganggu ketenteraman btl..hehehe