Tuesday, November 2, 2010

hooray!!autumn outing!!thank u teacher wani :)

Last weekend, on October 30, seriously, was the best weekend that I ever had here in this British environment..You know why?Because I spent my time wandering along the street while admiring and being crazy over AUTUMN and its beautiful blend of colours. Oh my! Sublime!(Kak Zimah,2010) hehehe
(A Charismatic Teacher: Teacher Wani)
This happy, joyous and tickled pink moment would never exist if I was alone without any great, fabulous companies. Yes, THANKS A LOT dear friends, thanks like a million times for allowing me to be apart of this gleeful experience. At least, the hole in my heart is not that empty anymore as the journey we went through together in Leamington Spa had filled it up a bit. Yes, I know, we were not in a complete bunch back then, cause the others have their own commitment, it's okay, but, I'm looking forward for another outing which all of us can be together..hehe *Teacher Wani need to be prepared cause she's responsible of it..hehee (okeh e teacher? *winkwink! ap2 pun cepat2 baik demam k!)
(My Year 6 Comel classmates: From left: Nouma Nuomi, Charo Summer, Amnie Nini, Noor Fadzillah, Erna Ramli and I)

Since our beloved teacher's metallic-black-jaguar broke down last saturday, we had no other choice but, to travel to Leamington Spa by bus, and it costs us 1.70p per individu.

When we reached there, personally, it's like falling in love at the first sight for I love everything about Leamington Spa - from the shopping mall to the beautiful, serene and orange-ful garden. Oh2, one more thing, I love the architecture of the building here, some of them suit my personal taste hehehe (haruslakan nk cite pasal taste :p) but, unfortunately, I don't have the pictures cause I was so into the warm, orange environment.

(I love its colour!oh my! what happened to me?Orange?Since when? huhuhu being a human - yeah, what do you expect?)

It feels like I never want it to leave me alone.
It feels like my heart belongs to this orange scenery.
It feels like I want to spend my whole life admiring it,
Oh, please, don't leave me!
Yes, I L.O.V.E AUTUMN so much!

(oh, the colours- they blend together perfectly!)

Let me tell you something about this picture, it is realated to my dream actually..hehe oh2, it is not a BIG issue, but then, I wish, I have a collection of pictures of this river for every season: Autumn, Winter, Summer and Spring.

I love this picture the most, because..i don't know,I just love it! The mapple leaves are everywhere. hehehe To tell you the truth, I'm a big fan of this Mohabbatein leaves!hahaa Yeah, the movie has such a great influence on me, in fact, I bet most of the girls of my generation fall for this 3 in 1 romantic love stories! Oh Sameer!hahaha ok, enough! ;) psstt2, one of my junior and few friends asked me to bring these lovey-duvey leaves back to Malaysia..hehe InsyaAllah...I know how it feels!Cause, for me, I have to wait for 4 years (tell me about it! I'm crazy over it and I have to wait for that long to get one!) to get a mapple leaf: and hehehe it's special cause it's a gift from a friend of mine :)

Hmm...but now, some kind of feeling struck me inside...It is ABSOLUTELY NICE if my whole family is here with me, enjoying the beauty of Allah's creations...Yeah...I miss my family so much!Apart from the happiness that friends bring into our life, still, there's something missing, deep in my heart...

And, lastly, the beauty of the nature somehow, is not that convincing,not that strong enough to fill the emptiness in my heart and to deviate my soul from missing my beloved ones~


  1. nice pictures...

  2. cantikk!!!!!!!!!1 una pandai amik gambar! hee! jum gi leamington again?

  3. anonymous: oh, thank you!really appreaciate it :)

    charo: hehehe thank u ye charo...leamington?again?BIG grinnnn for that!!jom g lagi!!

  4. nooooooooooooooooo..birm laaa pulakkk!!please~

  5. hehehehehe haah kan na...birm la plak..seronok jugak...hehe kite dh la ketinggalan dh kan..hehehe nk jugak rase perasaan org g birm..hahahahha