Tuesday, December 7, 2010

my very first snow!

it's my very first snow!

out of sudden, at 4.07am, while I was struggling
with my 'Second Language Acquisition' assignment,
(it's not a last minute kind of work ok...)
there were people screaming and singing the 'jingle bell' song...

At first, I was like :
"ape la diaorg ni, dh start dh nak bising2!kacau je org nk buat keje!"

but then, something struck me!
I took a peek through the window and guess what I saw!
it's snowing!!I screamt to myself!


Of course, there's only ONE season in my beloved country right, so...
that's why I'm like so excited or it can be best described as:


fine, it's not only my friends and I who were so "jakun",
but, the locals here were just the same! :p

so..there's nothing to be ashamed of.. ;)

here are some photos of our 'kejakunan' hahaha

(I, Didi Zaid, Jemimah, Et, Ain, Nuras, Mabel dan si photographer: Ell)

Feel like wanna fly! - Jemimah- hehehehe

okeh, the 'posing maut' by Ain and Et ;)

but then, it's not always great to be in such low temperature...

-5?-6?-7?-8? and the worst is -9?

seriously, it's not a joke!

right now, after these 2 weeks of cold and freezing climate,
I start to miss the warmth of the sun!


I said to my father:
"snow ni xde la best mcm dalam tv tu, yah...sejuk je lebih..kalau hujan lg la terok..."


(yup, I called my parents first when it's snowing!)
this is the proof:

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