Friday, November 9, 2012

Norma's Birthday Celebration ;)

Two days before her birthday (30/10/12), I'd started to browse through the internet for a theme for this party. Then, after few hours before my class started, the one in the picture above was set up ('s not that beautiful, right...but...that's the best that I could do.............) You asked me 'Why so sad?' :0 mmm... because...this is the first time that Norma's birthday's celebrated in the UK, (pity her, what sort of friends she has!!aaaa...sorry Norma!!) that's why I wanted to make sure that she likes it and that's really the best that I could do..since you know, allowance.. ;P *excuse - just ignore it :D

I was so uneasy as I was afraid that was a disaster really, then..haha I posted this picture on Instagram and few comments made my day :) -Thanks Kak Ika, Farah Ain, Shaira!! but of course, if I was the only one doing this, it would never be this great....Luckily our lovely friends were helping as well. Didi, the master chef,  wow-ed everyone with her finger-licking 'kuah kacang', I made the 'nasi impit', fried rice and fried chicken, Chibby and Tini were in-charge of the balloons, candles - they ran to Tesco and Costcutter in the middle of cold day just to get these things....Thnaks to Sarah, Wani, Rinie and Cici as well for coming and making it more special to Norma (see Norma, we love you so much you know... ^^v)

The Balloons ;)
What else eh?...mmm haaa!! To decorate the room, I opted for this origami flowers. (the truth is : haha  I have to made these flowers for an event  organised by Islamic Organisation..but..I guess it's alright to use them first for this event..huhu) It's fun doing this artwork you know!!it's not that complicated as you can always find tutorial videos on how to make an origami flower on Youtube ;) So...yeah!as the replacement for fresh flowers, these colourful flowers were created :D


About the cake..few days earlier, Norma wanted to make something with the fruit, as I didn't have much time and creativity to decorate the vanilla mini cake and cupcakes, I decided to use fruit cocktails to decorate them, and that's how it looked like :D (Alhamdulillah, Norma liked itt!!yeayy!!)

again - FLOWER... ;)
The mini cakes and cupcakes :)

One of my flatmates, Tom (he's the second person on earth who wished  Norma 'Happy Birthday!!) was so attracted to the butterfly and the flower-shaped paper notes when I showed him the pictures of this celebration...hehehe (nak ambik idea la tu untuk makwe die.. :P)

So Norma!!Happy Birthday darling!!!love you so much!!! :D

The beautiful lady with the blue scarf is my lovely friend Norma :)

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  1. Sooooooooooooooooooo cute! 25th birthday uda nanti nak macam ni jugak boleh? Ehehe!