Sunday, March 7, 2010

hectic + fun = :)

this is a very hectic + tiring + fun week~

School Experience (SE) + decorating dad's office + being a "pegawai sukan" during "Kejohanan Merentas Desa" in mum's school

Well, SE- interesting, beneficial, funny = thousands experiences + feelings I faced during SE.
Being in school, dealing + handling the students during examination required me to be brave + loud enough to control them...

yeah, if not, like what i experienced while i was invigilating an exam for form 4 class... A student, called me by name, he thought that I didn't hear it, but, he's absolutely W.R.O.N.G!

& I said," AP HUSNA2?" & he replied, "Eh2, sorry chekgu!sy nk tnaye, sy xpaham soalan ni.."

In my opinion, I should be strict about this because of course I don't want, in future he still call me by name...even though I am just a ROS teacher, still, I am a "TEACHER" & he should know how to respect someone who is called a TEACHER!

sometimes, when i'm thinking of the students of this form 4 class, I felt sorry for them as, even a simple question like to find the "upper boundary" is left empty by most of them.hmm...

below is the 19 male students in the from 4 class during examination
any opinion about the environment in the class?

move on to the next activity which I enjoyed so much! Decorating dad's office... & this is the outcome~-just need a vase of flower to be placed on the locker ;>

n this is the latest activity, being a "pegawai sukan" for "Kejohanan Merentas Desa, SK Sri Terentang" together with my other two SE friends- Chibby(si legend TA) & Ahmad(adk Zahiruddin) hehehe

Congratulations to all teachers of SK SRI TERENTANG for the hard work!
The kejohanan is great with the cooperation from all teachers + the participation from the parents~


  1. kureng betol en pelajar skrg. ishk2

  2. tula..
    yg krg tmmg la,
    tp, okla kan coz still ad yg nakal pun, tp, still pandai respect...

  3. wow.. cantek nye ofis ur dad.. ofis tu kat umah ke cmne??

    btw, una.. byk tulisan yg x npk taw.. die jadi image.. dunu y.

  4. hehe
    tu kat sekolah ayah...
    tulisan xnampak e...
    knape e...
    coz kat org punye lappy, blh nmpk....
    so ni xblh nk detect yg mane xnampak...

  5. boleh jek nampak sume tulisan..sje je nyampuk...ske tgk pic first post ni...menarik

  6. huhuhu
    mayb tulisan tu, ikut laptop kot...