Saturday, July 24, 2010

ღ::7-permata nilam::ღ


This is something that I really want to say to this person...Yeah, since the day I realized that there's something awkward, something suspicious and something insane lingered around me, I couldn't stop myself to be that cold, to be that cruel to you, yeah...It's like you just going to stand there, watch me burn and hear me cry...Well, honestly, that's alright because I like the way it hurts, I love the way you lie...
I really can't tell you what it really was, I can only tell you what it felt like..and, the truth is, it felt like there's a steel knife in my windpipe...I couldn't breath but I forced myself to fight the pain...Yeah..but, no worries...I've erased every pain and tears that now, I can breath with ease...yay! Whatever it is, thanks for the memories, they made me learn, yeah, a lot - in a rough way... :)

I'm not telling that it's your fault, 100%, yeah, it's undeniable that I was the co-culprit who help you to crash, here, I just want to say sorry for my every words that hit you, that blamed you and that treated you like you are the most wanted criminal ever in the world...That's all, thank you :)


  1. bukan senang nak mending hati yg terluka..

  2. sweetlieya7: hehhehe yeah, it's not that easy...but, once you're over it, you can smile and the pain will be eased :)