Saturday, July 24, 2010


Just the other night,
I thought I heard I cry,
Asking you to come and hold me in your arms,
I can hear your prayers, my burdens you will bear
But first, you need my hand then forever can begin..

Everyday I sit and ask myself
How did love slip away..
Something whispers in my ear and says that
"You am not alone, darling..
for I am here with you

Though you are far away,
I am here to stay

and you're always in my heart"

(edited from Michael Jackson's song: You are Not Alone)

Dear sweetheart, you always touch my heart with your sincerity and honesty...and I really appreciate it..thanks a lot for always be at my side...supporting me, taking care of me, advising me, motivating me and etc...You know what sweetheart, it's too many here for your care and love to be listed here...Thanks a lot, sweetheart..really appreciate it...

p/s: just want to let you know, right now, I'm missing you and the memories when we first met are flashing back in my mind....