Tuesday, September 28, 2010


yes, I know it!
It's not easy to say GOODBYE!
It's HARD to say GOODBYE!
It's torturing when that word lingers in our heart...
and here's another goodbye...

I could feel the word is coming closer and closer and closer into my life,
I couldn't lie anymore as it reveals how bad I feel...

The distance..
The separation..
The challenges..

They are just like the hunters, the killers, the murderers
who snatch my heart and soul...

I never thought this day would come,
When I have to say GOODBYE!

However, deep in my heart,
I believe that:

GOODBYES are NOT forever,
GOODBYES are NOT the end,

They simply mean I'll MISS YOU,
Until we meet again!

Each and every second,
I keep on reminding myself,
You and I will meet again,
WE will meet again...

Till then,

Take Care...
I'll miss you....

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