Friday, September 3, 2010

::wish list::

wish list of everything I aspire to accomplish for this moment
making 6 types of kuih raya
collecting as much as duit raya from everyone
(hero yg dipinggirkan, you're included hehehe)
enjoying fireworks with someone special
fall in love with someone who loves me for who I am
say and do something that pleases others
breakfasting on the field


  1. nak buat kueh. tapi tak rajen. cmne tu? huhu

  2. hehehe bak kate H.M Tuah, kene bangunkan dulu gergasi yg tdo dalam diri, then, boleh la buat seme yg kite nak.. ;)

  3. ultraman: blog anda best, paling best yg ur sis balas time beli kueh.ehhehe hebat la ur sis~